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Glass Cleaning

C Plus has a team of well  trained and experienced employees for both residential and commercial window cleaning.

Public Area Cleaning

C Plus recognizes the importance of a clean public area in every facility. Having a team of well trained personnel, we are able to maintain a sparkling public area abiding by safety and hygiene standards.

Pest Control

In addition to our cleaning services, we have extended our expertise to include pest control. We provide full range of effective pest prevention and pest control services to help keep your premises safe for living, and compliant with health and safety regulations. Our well experienced team is available for all residential, commercial, and agricultural requests.

Floor Care

With the right products, equipment, and right know-how, we guarantee a perfect floor cleaning and maintenance service whatever the type of the floor is whether it’s marble, brick, ceramic, vinyl, wood, terrazzo...


Sanitation is a critical factor when it comes to kitchens. C Plus provides well trained stewards that offer full support for kitchen staff and help maintain the kitchen’s cleanliness and hygiene.


Our housekeeping staffs are professional, friendly, and neat which makes our housekeeping services superior.